Buyer Services

Capabilities, Resources, and Services

Buying a house is all about making dreams a reality. I feel that all buyers need an experienced knowledgeable real estate agent that serves as an ethical professional throughout the buying process. A buyer needs an advocate. The best way to ensure that is to formalize the relationship in writing with an exclusive Buyer Broker contract that clearly outlines the terms and conditions of the services being provided. My goal is to make sure that your buying experience is everything that it should be and nothing that it shouldn’t be. Here are examples of  services that we can provide our buyer clients

Services for Buyers

  • Prepare
    • Listen:  An initial consultation to understand and refine your purchase criteria
    • Educate: Roadmap the transaction so that you know what to expect every step of the way.
    • Finance:  We will assist you in setting a budget, a timetable, and getting preapproved so that you are ready to go when we find the right house.
    • Connect:  We will connect you with our top professional network of best attorneys, lending institutions, contractors, architects, appraisers, insurance agents and more to insure seamless transactions.


    • Discover:  Tour towns, schools and neighborhoods to find the ones that meet your needs
    • Search:  We provide our buyers with premium access, timely alerts and analytic tools for all properties in the MLS.
    • Search Harder:  We will delve into the off market inventory to find your home if need be.
    • Out of Area Services:  If you live out of the area we can preview properties to save you time and energy.  We will photograph and video properties if there is not enough online information or if the property is an off market property.
    • Analyze:  We will not just show you property.  We will help you analyze each property’s strengths and weaknesses


    • Negotiate:  When you find the right property we will help formulate a negotiating strategy that meets your goal. We will help to establish the right price by doing an analysis of past sales in light of current market trends
    • Negotiate Harder:  If there are multiple offers, we will negotiate smarter and harder to get you the property
    • Advocate: We will be your unflinching champion throughout the entire process.  If issues are discovered during the home inspection we will strategize to renegotiate price and/or get work done.
    • Diligence:   Due diligence and assistance with Title V issues,  zoning, set-backs, use ordinances, conservation issues, etc. We detest unpleasant surprises
    • Close: Throughout the entire transaction we will work with attorneys, lenders and all parties to make sure that the proper documents are properly reviewed and executed in a timely manner. We will attend the final walk-through and be with you at the  closing table