Interview with Anna Mae Fullerton

Interview with Anna Mae Fullerton

Anna Mae Fullerton is one of my favorite clients.  I have been fortunate to sell two houses for her.  She is a women of many talents.  In her younger years, she was a professional model.  Later she became a well known local dress designer and interior decorator. A week before she moved out of her Essex house, I had a chance to interview her for the blog and to share a cup of tea.

How long have you lived on Cape Ann?

I moved to Cape Ann in 1954.  I bought a dilapidated house on the Annisquam River. It was built right after the Civil War.  It was haunted.

How many homes have you owned here?

I owned the Annisquam River house, then I built a Tudor out on Mussel Point.  That house had views of Norman’s Woe.  After that I bought a marvelous antique out on Coles Island where I lived for 26 years. I shared the house with Daisy.  Her full name was Daisy Huke.  She was a miniature brown Sicilian donkey and I bought her in 1960.

You seem to gravitate toward houses with barns.  www.22MainStreet.info

I love barns. I love barns, animals, nature, and space.   I’d live in one if I could.  The barn at 22 Main Street is one of the reasons why I bought that house.  I turned it into part of the living space.

What are your renovation secrets? 

My secret is to look beyond what every one else sees.  I look at the possibilities.  I look at what a property ‘used’ to be.  I think that it is important to preserve the history of a property.

How would you describe your style?

It is easy.  I never buy a house that doesn’t have a heart and soul.  The house speaks and I follow.

What will you miss most about the North Shore?

I am going to miss the ocean and the little towns.  I love roaming in and out of the little shops.  I am really going to miss walking to The Village Restaurant for lunch.  Their baked shrimp is heavenly.

What makes a house a home?

People for one.  People and history.  I like a house to be cozy – not stark.  There is something about an old house.  It either makes you feel welcome or it doesn’t.

What drew you to 22 Main Street. 

Essex is a sweet little village.  People are very friendly.  I love the cemetery that abuts the property.  I love the barn and I love the way that the house flows into it.

What is always in your refrigerator?

Milk, fruit, and a good bread….and leftovers from The Village, always.

What is your next project?

I am buying my dream farmhouse in Maine.  It is on 21 acres and it has a pond and a cemetery.  The  barn is gorgeous.  I can’t wait to get started.












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