Manchester Acorn

Circa 1980

We were honored to work with a young family from Brooklyn NY this year. They have North Shore roots and their goal was to find a reasonably priced home in Manchester-by-the-Sea in 2019. Their plan was to find and purchase the home and rent it for a few years while remaining in NYC to run the charter school they founded. As educators, one reason they targeted Manchester was the high rating of the Manchester Essex Regional School District. They have a baby daughter. When it is time for her to enroll, they will be in their Manchester Home. The circa 1980 home is set back and above a side street. It is a prefabricated home built by the well-known company, Acorn Homes, in Concord MA. They are working hard this July and August, to spruce up the property and offer it to the rental market come Fall. We know they will have a fabulous outcome!